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Do you know what is an audio visualizer? Well, I am talking about a type of video that you might have seen on youtube. So basically it’s a video with a simple background and a dynamic animation that responds to the beat of the playing song. Some may refer to it as an “Audio spectrum”. This type of video is mesmerizing to see and listen to because you can actually see the audio. If you are still unclear about what I’m talking about, here is an example video.

Recently I got interested in this type of video and wanted to make an audio visualizer song with my audio and my own designed animation. So I dug some info up and followed some tutorials and built a video in adobe After Effects. I saved that project and thought this could be helpful for many people and could save their time and effort. You will get a download link below this post and if you use it you will get a readymade project that can easily change the audio and background image.

How to use it?

download the project

The first thing is you have to download it from the download link below this post. If you can’t download then comment down and I will help you. After downloading you will get a “.zip” file. It is a compressed folder and you need to extract it. If you right-click on the file you will get an option for extracting the file. Extract and you will get a folder and inside that folder, you will get the project. the extension of the project is “.aep”. AEP stands for after-effect project. and you will get an audio file and an image as well. It is also necessary

Download project

to make the software ready

after having the project you will be able to open it if you have Adobe After Effects installed on your windows or mac computer. If you don’t have the software you can easily download and install the application. But keep in mind it is a paid software from adobe. If you want to make good things it will cost you some, my friend. but I can say that the purchase will be worth it for you if you can make use of the software. If you are not sure about spending money you can always just get the 7-day free trial that adobe offers for most of their product.

Now open the adobe after effects application. then from the top menu click “File” and then “open” and select the “.aep” file that you have downloaded and the project will be opened to your computer. you can edit the background picture from there. You can also change the song. Keep in mind that if you change the song then you need to change the composition duration according to the new song length. For using this method you need to have basic knowledge about how to use adobe after effects or else you may find yourself in an endless loop.

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